In the heart of Tel Aviv's most beautiful neighborhood, around a lovely courtyard, you will discover Vicky Cristina.


Vicky is the tapas restaurant located on the right side of the courtyard, offering an exceptional culinary experience that combines original and authentic Spanish tapas recipes with endless variety of flavors and colors. Here you will find a delicious selection of dishes that are so popular in Spanish tapas bars: pan con tomate, patatas bravas, pinchos, queso frito, hamburguesa and many others. In addition to classic tapas, Vicky serves dishes made from seasonal ingredients, thus offering a varied and changing menu throughout the year. Alongside the set menu, the chef of the restaurant regularly creates a new and colorful specials menu.


Cristina is the wine bar located on the other side of the courtyard, and featuring high bar stools situated around a garden of mosaic covered sculptures. The bar offers more than 120 premium wines from around the world, which are served by a skilled team that has undergone in-depth training in this field, along with professional winery and wine tasting tours. In addition to the wine menu, there is a wide variety of exotic and Spanish drinks, most notably the hot or cold sangria, which has become one of the bar’s most popular beverages.


The bar’s design was inspired by the works of renowned Spanish architect and artist Antoni Gaudi, especially his famous masterwork – Park Güell in Barcelona. The patio features one of Tel Aviv's oldest Ficus trees, basking in a Spanish atmosphere of vibrant music and occasional live performances by Spanish musicians and flamenco dancers.


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