Spanish experience in the Chef's open kitchen


Vicky Cristina is proud to present private chef events – a multi-sensory, colorful and joyful experience designed for 15-18 diners, featuring a contemporary Spanish meal in an authentic atmosphere.


Our private boutique events combine good vibes with personalized tapas dishes, waiter-passed appetizers, a variety of wines and festive sangria. Each serving is created with careful attention to detail, resulting in an exciting and delectable sequence of dishes, crafted using premium ingredients blended with exceptional balance and diversity.


Chef's private dinners are suitable for every celebration and guarantee the finest Spanish food in a happy and joyful atmosphere, which is always associated with Vicky Cristina!


The place was designed inspired by the works of renowned Spanish architect and artist Antoni Gaudi, especially his famous masterwork – Park Güell in Barcelona. Elements of these beautiful mosaic gardens are present in Cristina’s shared tables, which can accommodate 14-35 guests each. The dishes that are served at the center of the table and the wine that is continuously poured into the glasses create an atmosphere of a real feast, transforming every event into an unforgettable celebration with a genuine Spanish spirit.


Original food and drink menus are tailor-made for each occasion. Moreover, even the music is carefully selected to create the event which is perfect for you.


Here you can also celebrate private and business events, small or large, formal or informal, for 20 and up to 300 guests. Birthdays, engagement parties, corporate events and even business meetings – every event is a celebration at Vicky Cristina!

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